Acquire Smartphone, Get Prepaid & More with Digi

Today, the advanced interaction technologies has brought all of us closer to one another. It actually is undeniable that today, the main mechanism that make it all possible are smartphones together with the internet. Whenever we begin to the subject matter of internet, it is tricky to get good & reliable mobile phone network provider.

Digi, the first

One of the several big players, one appear to stand apart more than the others, that is Digi. Though the brand arrived after Celcom together with Maxis in 1995, Digi was the first to introduce an entirely digital mobile phone network for the local consumers. Right now, Digi offers fantastic mobile phone and internet plans to all of us.

Easy sim registration

Digi’s prepaid plan have been one of the many product to discover. In order to give them a try, their prepaid SIM card is almost certainly very easy to buy. Just head down to 7 Eleven and find one and make the registration while in the counter before experiencing and enjoying the most out of what we believe is an excellent prepaid plan in Malaysia.

The postpaid plan

One other selection for you is Digi’s postpaid plan. After comparing all the postpaid plans in Malaysia, we can conclude that Digi will have the cheapest plan in the marketplace, from RM50 for anybody looking for budget friendly monthly commitment, and just RM250 to get a family postpaid plan for up to 5 users.

unlimited broadband plans

Great plan, great devices

Having a great plan and blazing fast 4G LTE internet is nothing without a high performance device that couples it. We’re talking Apple’s latest smartphones here, like the iPhone 8 or the one before it, iPhone 7. You can easily get your hands on a fresh smartphone if you sign up for Digi’s postpaid plan.

More than Apple?

If you like an Android smartphone instead, well Digi has the right plan for you! Along with a selection of neat smartphones from Vivo, Huawei, and even Oppo in store, Digi intentions to offer you what you need. Another positive point worth noting here is that these mobile phones come with a reduced price.

Best plan with best coverage

Still, it is actually incontestable that today, we really rely more on the online world in order to connect, a lot less to make calls and send text messages. Realizing this, Digi has ensured that every one its plans provide you with the best unlimited broadband plans to get right now, whether it is to obtain a postpaid, prepaid, or perhaps for a high-speed broadband package.

International Calls

Since we are now more prepared to take communication with overseas countries, Digi has developed a remarkable offer where it offers a privileged rate for international calls. If you utilize a postpaid or prepaid Digi number, simply dial 133 before entering the selected number to benefit from the low fee.

The Highlights

Once we highlight each one of the great offers Digi have for consumers, we think it can help everyone to make better decisions every time they choose, or in other words, re-choose their mobile phone network provider in Malaysia. Let’s not waste our money on excess charges, and start exercising smart consumerism in our day-to-day lives, learn more from

A Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) was created with strong off-road capabilities capable to get over harder terrains. The comfortable interior and light handling of an SUV makes it an ideal car for families. Mitsubishi Motors provide new driving experiences for customers with creative vehicles and ideal services.

Quality Automotive From Mitsubishi’s Spirit of “Ambition to Explore”

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd may be the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi Motors vehicles in Malaysia. For 2018, they’ve produced 3 kind of model which is ASX, Outlander and Triton. ASX and Outlander they are under SUV segments that perfect choice for family cars and private. Triton is a pickup truck segment that meets for exclusive or commercial use.

Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi ASX is a mid-sized sport utility vehicle (SUV) and has been a roaring success among Malaysia motorist featuring its two options of gearbox 4WD and 2WD. It an excellent car for individuals who want a car with higher ride height. The ASX has all the hi-tech features like a touchscreen display, Navigation, front parking sensors and a reverse camera.

Mitsubishi Outlander

SUV Malaysia | Mitsubishi Outlander

When you request the big family car, Outlander is the selection for you. Outlander happens to be chosen as the best SUV for 2016 CarSifu awards. Besides being affordable, this SUV Malaysia also offers we’ve got the technology of 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) and features a smart 4WD system. A driver can come up between 4WD Eco, 4WD Auto and 4WD Lock. Triton 4X4 is a pickup truck with 181ps Max Power and 430Nm Max Torque. It has an array of different series for you to choose from. Get more details about New Outlander from Mitsubishi website at

Mitsubishi Triton

The Triton series features the Variable Geometry Turbo which enhances torque output and reduces turbo lag at low speeds. It’s a fuel-efficient vehicle as it has the best diesel engine. If you’re looking for a 2WD that is less costly, the Triton 4X2 is a perfect selection for you. Even though the 4X2 is less expensive, you may still enjoy almost all features in a 4WD. It has a J-Line design which maximizes the inner space of the vehicle, giving passengers more cosiness while retaining a large cargo space.

Ralliart Collections

Founded in April 1984, Ralliart develops and put together Mitsubishi Motors’ rally racing and off-road racing vehicles. It also offers many forms of car accessories, boutique merchandise and sporting clothing for car enthusiasts. Look into the merchandise now from your Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s website!

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