Growing up in Malaysia, most of us are probably used to the unforgiving traffic and the bizarre behaviours of the local drivers. Although we learned to live with the driving habits of Malaysian drivers, it’s crucial to practice safe driving on the road and purchase car insurance for peace of mind.

Even if you don’t often drive, just spending some time on the roads will help you identify the most common types of Malaysian drivers. Here’s a list of different kinds of Malaysian drivers:

Lane-changing daredevils

You can often see these drivers on highways, speeding through others with no regards of anyone’s safety. Using the fast lane isn’t enough for the daredevils; they swerve through any available space on the road just to get to their destination quicker.

Even if you’re driving safely and below the speeding limit, passing by these drivers can give you a scare.

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A tailgater is a driver that drives too close behind a car, usually leaving no distance between them. Tailgating is extremely dangerous, as it leaves no space for the back driver to stop if the front driver suddenly stops.

Driving in front of a tailgater is an uncomfortable experience, especially when you have nowhere else to go. Why do tailgaters behave this way? We’ll probably never know.

Double parkers

Commonly found near banks and shop lot areas, double parkers often cause inconvenience to everyone, for their convenience. Their illegally parked cars make roads narrower, eventually creating traffic for both sides of the road.

It’s worse when a double parker blocks your car from exiting a parking spot. If you’re lucky, a double parker will leave their telephone number on their dashboard for you to call them. If not, be prepared to wait for however long it takes for the driver to come back.

Emergency lane abusers

During holiday seasons, it’s common to wait for hours in traffic as you make your way back to your hometown. However, this type of drivers think they’re above the rest and treat the emergency lane as their personal expressway.

Misusing the emergency is illegal, but we can’t help but feel a little bit of envy as we see these drivers cutting the queue. But when you see police officers taking action against these offenders, you’ll be glad for sticking to the law and waiting in line.


It’s easy to spot multitaskers these days, no matter if you’re waiting at a traffic light or driving on the road. Multitaskers are commonly seen doing activities with their phones, but they can also do other things like applying makeup or eating food.

It should be obvious that doing anything else besides paying attention to the road is dangerous, but for these people, replying to a text is more important than driving responsibly.

Value your life while driving

Sometimes, no matter how safely you drive on the road, you can be caught in an accident caused by other careless drivers. By purchasing car insurance, you can have some peace of mind even when the worst happens. AIG Malaysia provides you with total protection for you and your car, hence you should be less worried if bad things might happen to you. 

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Language as an opportunity for communication

In this globalised world, knowing lot of different languages can be very necessary to make you stay connected. It’s no longer enough to educate yourself just one or two languages. The actual assumption would be that only students and youngsters should learn new languages as their brains remain to be at learning stages. This isn’t true as adults are capable of learning whilst they get older.

A Great Deal Of Languages, So Little Time!

When selecting the most current language to be taught, it’s important that you consider the practicality of knowing that language. European languages normally have a small advantage over others. The 5 most chosen languages learnt similar to a language of choice are English, French, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin. Mastering a number of languages listed here has to be your best bet.

Why Should You Consider Grasp the latest Language

Knowing another language you ahead during the course of areas of life. Research has revealed that your brain expands its neuroplasticity when it’s during the stage of learning a meaningful language. Besides cognitive developments, you may also have a better knowledge of the culture the language belongs to. Inside of your career, enables you to differentiate yourself and open possibilities to new jobs and locations.

Learn Spanish Today

Reported by renowned language centre Spanish World, Spanish may well be the fourth most spoken language across the world. Spoken in many countries worldwide, learning Spanish certainly will furnish you with a gain over other languages. Spanish could possibly be a really universal language. You can check out three different continents without getting lost in translation, as a result of Spanish. Travelling will be far easier.


Proven methods to learn and have fun

Usually, learning can be considered a chore, though with foreign language learning, it can be a a lot of fun. Taking a different language depends upon both in-class learning, together with real-life application. Try focusing on songs or watch movies in your language that you’re learning to increase the process. If you need more practice, visit the country, meet the locals and start talking.

For Those Who Have a Language Limit?

Everyone learns at a different pace, including learning a foreign language. When learning a new language, several people can pay attention to multiple languages simultaneously; others ought to learn one language at any given time. No matter what are you finding your learning style is, studying a language needs a great deal of time and use.

Learning is not merely for young adults

Studying an additional language isn’t limited to young children, and it’s never inside its final stages for adults to learn a whole language outside schools or formal institutions. A few selected solutions to pickup an international language are self-education and online courses, but attending classes at language centres similar to the Spanish World Group imagine if your best option.

Learning a language in a digital era

To help you supercharge your learning foreign languages skills, you can easlily prefer to use language-related apps as other options to a usual coursework and exercises. There are a number of free mobile phone applications that offers in-app language lessons which enable learning easier on-the-go. Other than that, using an online translator likewise helps, especially during instances in which you are while using language in real life.

Start Learning Now

The rewards of learning a new language are very hard to ignore within a world made up of different cultures. It is actually a powerful communication tool of your life, and it’s really never far too late to learn totally new language. For anyone considering to educate yourself on Spanish, you may not be unsuccessful with Malaysia’s best Spanish language learning centre, Spanish World. Visit for additional information.