Complete Insurance Services by AIG Malaysia

For over sixty years since its beginning in 1953, AIG Malaysia serves Malaysia with medical insurance Malaysia & risk management solutions that customized to suit the needs of businesses and individuals. With 15 offices nationwide and growing, AIG’s operation is backed by an extensive network of brokers, agents, and schemes. These resources have allowed AIG Malaysia to deliver high standard delivery concerning services and exceeds clients’ expectations.

AIG knows well that in managing the uncertain future, not much more reassuring than having a proper insurance set. So, they’ve already offered numerous packages that you will find proven to accommodate both companies’ and also individuals’ needs.

For private consumers, owning high-valued assets for instance cars and houses without insurance protection is a concern. To emphasize its importance, perhaps even the Government makes insurance subscriptions mandatory in making certain that its citizens together with their businesses have sufficient protection against unfortunate happenings. While there are many insurers available on the market, AIG is some of the most reliable car insurance & home insurance providers in the nation.

AIG Malaysia
Grandson Runs to Embrace Grandfather in Wheelchair

Setting properties aside, personal health is as well another aspect individuals should emphasize on. In this aspect, educating the community regarding the significance of medical insurance will be a true challenge. Nevertheless, it won’t stop AIG’s agents from making an effort to boost awareness. Now, their effort has started to signify some positive outcome, because the numbers of personal medical insurance coverage purchased by Malaysian consumers grow tremendously every succeeding year.

AIG, besides, has a corporate risk management program this is specially crafted to get to know demands from enterprises. From casualty insurance to marine insurance, extended warranty insurance, and multinational business affiliated insurance, companies may have a custom-made subscription plan that is sufficient to safeguard them from the probability of losses in the course of operation.

The idea to offer a customizable program due to AIG’s knowing that different businesses from different sectors, as an example those in education, professions, hospitality & leisure, import & export, communications, or media & technology industry, have different risks management wants. Not only this, but they have also been mindful that scale matters, thereby AIG has revealed SME Package to aid protect small business owners with a cost-effective subscription plan.

Should enterprises and people become interested to figure out much more about the services offered before deciding to subscription, they’re able to just contact AIG Malaysia and ask for a quote via website. Customers preferring to have in-person meetings might also find agents’ information within the website and request to get an appointment.

Being one of the top providers that embrace technology inside the operation, AIG Malaysia has partnered up with Lazada Malaysia to make online insurance subscriptions more convenient. The infusion of e-commerce inside their strategy will, in the end, profit the customers because they can easily purchase their preferred insurance plan and then have it activated within just Three days after undergoing a few straight forward registration steps.

Protect you and your family with medical insurance Malaysia from AIG Malaysia now!

What Are E-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes also called e-cigs are battery-powered vaporizers for the exact purpose to simulate the sensation of smoking. considered as a healthier alternative to popular traditional cigarettes, primarily because it doesn’t have to burn tobacco or produce smoke. As e-cigarettes are relatively new on the market, countries across the world remain in the process of regulating it.

The E-cigarette Origin Story

The invention of the modern-day e-cigarette can be credited to Hon Lik in 2003. Since his patent became the first commercially successful e-cigarette in China, similar products have been introduced to the world. How e-cigarettes operate is by the heating of flavored liquid into an aerosol, which users will inhale. Today, users can purchase e-cigarettes from brands like NanoSTIX and vape stores.

The Rising Popularity Of The E-cigarette

Years after the initial success of Hok Lin, e-cigarettes have garnered a huge global following. The hike in user numbers began in 2012 and the community is still growing today. Youths and young adults are the primary users of e-cigarettes as there is a widespread belief that e-cigs are a healthier option to traditional cigarettes.


E-cigarette Types Available Today

Vape users have a wide selection of e-cigarette types that they can choose from. Pod kits, sub-ohm mods, and starter pens are just some e-cigs available in the market. Many users choose based on their preferences and needs. For example, NanoSTIX’s vape pens are great for anyone looking a lightweight, sleek and straightforward e-cig.

The Usage Of A Vape Pen

The designs may vary from brand to brand, but vape pens generally have rechargeable batteries, vape cartridges, lightweight steel casings, a heating element, and electronic circuits. To vape, a user breathes through a mouthpiece to vaporize the solution. Then, the user inhales the vapor. There are also flavored liquid from brands like NanoSTIX.

The Case For Vaping

The most common reason a person starts vaping is to quit smoking, but there are other reasons why a person uses e-cigarettes. Some people view vaping as a hobby and are interested in trying e-juice flavors from NanoSTIX, others vape to relax. Being in a vaping community is also one of the reasons a person vapes. For many e-cig users, vaping is a lifestyle.

Risks of Using E-cigarettes

Health risks of e-cigarettes have sparked a running debate: are they better than tobacco cigarettes? A widespread claim is that it does not contain harmful substances found in cigarettes like tar. This makes it a better option for smokers trying to kick the habit. Nevertheless, there is not enough research to support or dismiss this claim.

How Are Countries Regulating E-cigarettes?

A lot of governments worldwide are still trying to figure out the best way to regulate the e-cigarette industry. In Malaysia, e-cigarette brands will have to learn to play by the rules, which means no promotion and advertisement whatsoever. This wouldn’t be a problem for them though, as the consumers themselves are brand ambassadors for e-cigarettes and will recommend it to their social circles.

Here to Stay for the Long Run

E-cigarettes have a mixed reputation in today’s society. However, the number of e-cigarette users in the world has increased even with the bad rep it gets. For many former smokers, e-cigarettes help break the habit of smoking. NanoSTIX can also help you quit smoking. Click on to learn more.

Build Your Organisation with Emperikal Malaysia

When you set up and run your very own digital marketing in Malaysia especially SEO service Malaysia, know that there are several reasons to hire a professional rather then aiming to do everything in-house. The digital market is turbulent and ever-changing. What’s still relevant a month ago is almost certainly not relevant now. Over time chances are you’ll find it hard to take care of the updates. Besides, some technical aspects of online marketing which can include structured data and open graph protocol might be best to be left with the professionals.

Emperikal is amongst the few agencies which aren’t surprised at the booming trend. Malaysians among the ages of 12 to 60 years old are constantly web surfing, thanks to the disruption of the net being made accessible and inexpensive anywhere. Examples of a highly regarded marketing agency in Malaysia which include Emperikal, understand the digital landscape and will produce meaningful business impact towards a business’s online strategy. Emperikal, an experienced full-service digital marketing agency in Malaysia is the perfect solution to suit your business needs. They’ll give you unparalleled information on world-class marketing resources that are available from its other sister agencies. The simple truth is, you will never find it difficult to engage the expertise of a marketing agency in Malaysia. However, never assume all marketing agencies are the same. Emperikal consistently tops its competitors because of its data-driven way of helping brands increase their online visibility. Emperikal has proven itself and has developed a well-known brand name as a revered digital marketing agency in Malaysia.

This marketing agency distinguishes itself from lots of others by providing the complete package of digital marketing services. This provides them the ability to work effectively and efficiently for businesses of any size. Thus, the corporation has worked along with many global firms around South-East Asia.


To dominate the web major search engines, the appropriate content strategy ought to go a long way. As perhaps you may have known at this stage, Google places an immensely high value on content quality when considering ranking the variety of webpages. Thin content and articles are a no-no. Should you have your quality content ready, how does one ensure that people will find your web site from Google? That is where SEO becomes crucial. Our agency has the best SEO packages in Malaysia to improve your website’s visibility inside the major search engines.

Another most-sought after digital service in Malaysia is pay per click. In pay per click, you will find several digital advertising disciplines like programmatic and display. Businesses that want an assured return on their investment will pick paid marketing and merely the top agencies will have the experience and confidence to attain returns with the allocated budget. Emperikal is notoriously known to achieve business leads to performance-based marketing methods.

Social media marketing in Malaysia will certainly disrupt the online landscape in such a manner we’ve never witnessed before. As more and more brands are paying for Facebook advertising, user engagement with followers is a lot more important now than previously. A good agency will be able to produce great content that your choice of followers would want to share, and hopefully go viral. Besides Facebook, additionally, you’ll like your brand on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, mainly because these are known as the leading social networks with a lot of daily active users.

Don’t have a business website? The time has come to formulate one. A clean and professional website speaks volumes regarding the trust and integrity of the business. This is the first touchpoint for your customers and stakeholders, and don’t forget that we won’t have a second opportunity to recreate the 1st impression. Our team has the top website developers in Malaysia that will help you achieve your ideal website. A useful website will often need eye-catching visual elements to guarantee that individuals will remember it better. However, don’t trouble yourself, as we also offer the very best graphic design in Malaysia with our team of experienced designers.

Business analytics is critical to any business these days, simply because you can’t improve things that you cannot measure. To help keep an eye on how your digital marketing is performing, we count on a wide-ranging suite of tracking, measurement and analytics tools. Our analytics team will help you to course-correct across the journey, by suggesting incremental refinements to the marketing strategy. We can also recommend the best UI design that will bring you ideal results on your website.

Emperikal is the best internet marketing agency in Malaysia and we pride ourselves on the caliber of our work. Being employed in Emperikal is fast-paced, challenging but additionally tremendously rewarding. If you believe you are a good fit and you want to learn about digital marketing, look into our website for the latest online marketing jobs.

Interested? You may visit us at Emperikal or drop to our office at for more info.

About Great Eastern Takaful

Great Eastern Holdings launched Great Eastern Takaful just as one Islamic insuran nyawa subsidiary in 2010. Since its launch, Great Eastern Takaful has been providing a collection of takaful remedies for the public. Through the years, the company’s efforts have been recognized and in addition, earned multiple awards including ‘Best Takaful Operator.’

Protect Yourself With Insurance

Own life is often unpredictable, that’s why it is very important to buy insurance to prepare yourself for unexpected events. In the events of injury, illness or other unforeseen circumstances, insurance can certainly help you financially and secure your quality of life. If you need to buy insurance, Great Eastern Takaful offers a good deal of items that meet your needs.

Personal Insurance To Have A Secure Future

Great Eastern Takaful’s personal insurance products will help you to protect and plan a lot better future with your loved ones. With medical insurance and health protection plans, you’ll always be gotten ready for any health-related incidents. Education plans indicate that you’ll be financially ready when your children try out the education they deserve and need.

Great Eastern Takaful

Importance of Business Insurance

Simply because the concept of insurance plan is to secure, entrepreneurs and corporations also have to take insurance under consideration when managing their business. Besides protecting valuable company assets, their workforce might also want to be covered. Great Eastern Takaful has corporate products specially catered towards employee healthcare that extends to their families at the same time, offering them a significantly better relief.

About Takaful Insurance

Takaful is a form of Shariah-compliant insurance, and it requires members to contribute money towards a pool system. Dependent on the perception of mutuality, this guarantees the members against loss and damage. The capital fund gathered could also be used in Shariah-compliant investments, which are totally free from interest (riba), uncertainty (gahar) and speculation (maysir).

What’s The Difference Between Conventional and Takaful Insurance?

Unlike conventional insurance, takaful insurance isn’t based upon commercial factors. Conventional insurance plan is also encountered with a government law, which makes it riskier considering that it involves interest, uncertainties, and speculation. As compared with conventional insurance, takaful one is the most secure and stable option in ensuring your future.

Reasons to choose Takaful Insurance

Engaged in takaful incorporates a variety of advantages. If your capital invested remains unclaimed, you and also other participants have the opportunity to enjoy equal mudharabah payments. There isn’t a set amount however only an agreed-upon ratio for every single participant. This way of mutuality and transparency is what makes takaful so attractive.

Get Takaful Insurance With Great Eastern Takaful

To start with your takaful journey, go to the nearest Great Eastern Takaful branch and get in contact with our agents. We’ll assist you with your needs and provide the right answers to your worries. To generate a claim, bring the desired documents and forms downloaded from the website and hand it to the nearest branch.

Secure Your Future With Great Eastern Takaful

Takaful Insurance is a brainy approach to put money into anyone with a family’s future and protection. It includes flexibility and mutuality a large number of commercial insurances can’t. With the simplicity of application and claiming funds, Great Eastern Takaful is the perfect choice for people to start your takaful insurance on your own, family and business.

Protect yourself with insuran nyawa from Great Eastern Takaful.