4 Reasons Why SUVs are so Popular!

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In Malaysia, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) are slowly becoming a crowd favourite. Their big capacity and sleek design are attracting all kinds of drivers from first-time buyers to families. Owning this vehicle gives the drivers them a few advantages over sedan owners. Here are four reasons why people are leaning towards the SUV. 

Seating capacity

SUVs are great because of the spacious interior, allowing lots of legroom and free space. This is a reason why it’s attracting a lot of families in Malaysia. The seating capacities SUVs could accommodate up to six passengers on top of a driver. This is for carpooling to school or long trips during a holiday or festive season. 

Generous cargo space

Compared to a sedan, SUVs has a bigger cargo space that is both generous and flexible. The flexibility is awarded due to its foldable rear seats. If you find yourself transporting more items or longer furniture, an SUV is entirely up for that task. These foldable seats mean not only storage possibilities but also flexible seating capacities. 

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Sleek design

Another reason why SUVs are so attractive to many people is the striking design of the exterior. The aerodynamic body of the car makes for an excellent all-weather performance. The bold design paired with the larger and heavier build attracts attention, without sacrificing the utility of a great vehicle. 

Off-road capabilities

People love SUVs because they like to be able to take their car through different terrains and environments. While they do not have the complete endurance and durability of an MPV, SUVs hold tougher terrain much better than hatchbacks and sedans. This ability opens up this car to a bunch of people who may work in remote places, away from urban, asphalt roads.


SUVs is a great vehicle to own for many different reasons. The eye-catching build, spacious and flexible interior and all-weather endurance means they come with amazing value. It’s definitely great for people who want to upgrade from a sedan but not really get a 4×4 vehicle. Learn more about an SUV that’s made for Malaysians here http://www.perodua.com.my/ourcars/aruz

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